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Our Corporate Responsibility objective

We will positively impact people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices that create a better, healthier world.

Our objective links directly to our company mission

Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better.

We believe the health of the world is as important as the people who live in it. Therefore, our approach to corporate responsibility is built on the following framework:



Creating a better, healthier world

Stronger people
We are committed to serving our communities and creating a healthy, diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where employees thrive

Healthier planet
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact on the world through responsible, sustainable operations

Good business
We are committed to helping customers improve patient outcomes and growing responsibly by pursuing quality and integrity in everything we do

Our key commitments

Advance a culture of inclusion, engagement and belonging
Strengthen the diversity of our workforce and measure progress
Realize 20% reduction in carbon emissions for all facilities 2019-2024*
Become carbon neutral for all Stryker facilities by 2030*
Increase supply chain transparency and supplier diversity
Establish formal accountability to the board of directors for Corporate Responsibility

*Scopes 1 and 2