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Corporate Responsibility
At Stryker, corporate responsibility is an important part of who we are — as individuals, teams and one connected company. Driven by our shared values, it’s built into the way we operate our company. Our mission is to improve healthcare by working with our customers to make the world better for patients, caregivers, employees and the environment.

2019 achievements through our key focus areas

Investing in people

for stronger health, safety, talent
and inclusion 

surgeries funded through our Smile Match campaign where employee donations to Operation Smile are matched until we reach our goal.


Product lifecycle innovation

carefully considering our use of
materials across a product’s lifecycle

Addressing the need for compliant medical waste disposal systems, Cactus Smart Sink System securely captures partially administered or unused controlled substances and renders them non-retrievable and unusable. The system helps reduce drug diversion and improve patient safety while also reducing the impact on the environment. 


Resource efficiency

reducing water, waste and emissions

saved by customers through reprocessing programs

pounds of waste diverted from landfills


Responsible supply chains

managing and sourcing suppliers with the highest standards

spent with minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses

spent with small businesses


Ethics and accountability

because transparency, honesty and fairness
should always be paramount

In 2019, our Board amended our bylaws to implement proxy access. This permits a shareholder or a group of up to 20 shareholders owning at least 3 percent of Stryker’s common stock for at least three years,  to nominate and include in Stryker’s proxy materials director nominees constituting up to the greater of two individuals or 20 percent of the Board.

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