Tornier Perform Reversed Glenoid and Reversed Augmented Glenoid

Designed for control in reverse shoulder arthroplasty cases.

Tornier Perform Reversed Glenoid was developed to address cuff tear arthropathy and osteoarthritis, and designed to address all glenoid bone loss classifications from Walch and Sirveaux.


Tornier Perform Reversed Glenoid animation

Tornier Perform Reversed Glenoid

Key benefits


  • Initial stability with modular 6.5/9.5 central screw. Long-term stability with Adaptis Integrated Porous Metal


  • Defect-mimicking implants designed for bone preservation.


  • Control through infinite dial-able placement.

Tornier Perform Reversed Augmented Glenoid

Key benefits
  • The Tornier Perform Reversed Augmented Glenoid features four augmented baseplates (25 mm Half-Wedge orFull-Wedge, and 29 mm Half-Wedge or Full-Wedge). 

  • The wedged portion of the baseplates utilize Stryker's Adaptis Integrated Porous Metal and was designed to encourage bone ingrowth and may assist in fixation strength. 

  • These baseplates can be used to help correct glenoid defects in glenoid classifications suggested by Walch et al. and Sirveaux et al.1, 2