T2 Tibia

Nailing System

Intramedullary nail for treating proximal, distal, as well as mid-shaft tibial fractures.

T2 Tibia Nailing System

The T2 IM Nailing Platform offers a combination of innovation, simplicity and versatility that is designed to suit your various needs.

  • Up to 7mm of active internal compression

  • Most distal hole 5mm from tip

  • Compression screw and fully threaded end cap creates a fixed angle construct

T2 Suprapatellar Instrumentation

Used with the T2 Tibial Nailing System, the T2 Tibia Suprapatellar Instrument System offers an alternate method for the insertion of tibial (SPI) nails in a suprapatellar approach with the patients in a semi-extended position.

  • T2 Tibia SPI offers two size options of drill sleeve available to accommodate nail diameters 8-13mm
  • Elastic nail insertion sleeves designed to serve as working channel to protect joint space
  • WCH-coated fixation k-wires designed for secure fixation in tibial plateau to prevent anteriorization and back out of sleeves during reaming