Swanson Finger Joint Implants
Swanson Finger Joint Implant
Flexible, intra-medullary stemmed one-piece implants designed to be used with resection arthroplasty of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) and proximal interphalangal (PIP) joints to help restore function to hands disabled by rheumatoid, degenerative, or traumatic arthritis. 

Swanson Finger
Implant Design

  • Designed to act as a dynamic spacer to maintain proper joint space and alignment.

  • Joint stability can be achieved through reconstruction of ligamentous and musculotendinous systems around the implant which acts as an internal mold for this soft tissue.

  • The slight movement of the implant stem allows compressive forces to be distributed over a broader section of the bone and is designed to allow the flexible hinge to find position with respect to the axis of rotation of the joint.
Swanson Finger Implant Design

Swanson Finger 
Grommet Design

  • Grommets are thin titanium liners designed to improve the durability of the implant by preventing sharp bone edges from initiating tears in the implant

  • Available for Swanson Finger implant sizes 3 through 9

  • Indicated for metacarpophalangeal joint implant arthroplasty only
Swanson Finger Grommet Design

Swason Finger
Implant Sizes
Implant size A B
00 25.6mm 8.2mm
0 29.9mm 9.8mm
1 32.8mm 12.1mm
2 38.6mm 12.5mm
3 42.4mm 13.2mm
4 49.8mm 13.9mm
5 56.9mm 15.1mm
6 62.1mm 15.6mm
7 69mm 16.4mm
8 75.4mm 17.3mm
9 81.9mm 18.6mm
Implant sizes
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