Nerve repair

Peripheral nerve portfolio

Our nerve portfolio consists of type I collagen conduits and wraps. They are designed to provide a protective layer around injured peripheral nerves and offer a resorbable and semi-permeable encasement to facilitate nerve repair.

Peripheral nerve repair

Nerve conduits and wraps provide an encasement for peripheral nerve injuries and protection of the neural environment. NeuroMatrix, Neuroflex, and NeuroMend are semi-permeable structures that allow diffusion of nutrients and neurotrophic factors into the conduit, but provide a barrier to larger, scar-forming cells.1,2

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  • Neuroflex is the only nerve conduit indicated for the treatment of symptomatic or painful neuromas and features corrugated walls allowing it to bend up to approximately 60 degrees without forming an occlusion3,4
  • Designed to be an interface between the nerve and the sorrounding tissue to prevent the ingrowth of scar tissue


  • Use of NeuroMatrix and Neuroflex removes the risk of donor-site morbidity, scarring and neuroma formation.5,6
  • Use of a nerve conduit offers a tensionless repair option when direct suture is not possible


  • NeuroMend allows for a 25% overlap to potentially eliminate the need for a running suture.
  • NeuroMend offers a self-curling design to better match the dimensions of the nerve and provides the ability to wrap nerves from 2.0mm to 12.0mm in diameter.
  • Expected to completely resorb in about 8 months after implantation.7,8