Hunter Tendon Implants
Hunter Tendon Implants
Temporary implant designed for use in stage one of the two-stage procedure for the reconstruction of flexor and extensor tendons in individuals having significant hand tendon injury.
Hunter-Salisbury Technique Two-stage flexor tendon reconstruction

Rods are temporarily implanted to replicate the natural tendon allowing a pseudosynovial sheath to form.


Typically leave implanted for 2 to 6 months.


Remove implant once tendon bed matures to the point where it can nourish and lubricate a tendon graft. Perform tendon graft with palmaris or plantaris tendon.

Tendon Rods
  • Barium treated silicone elastomer with a woven polyester core

  • Standard and passive rods do not permit movement of patient’s finger postoperatively

  • Active rods permit movement of patient’s finger postoperatively 


A. Distal portion of the implant is designed with a 2.0mm screw hole for distal bone fixation

B. Distal portion of the implant is designed to be sutured to the stump of the profundus tendon

C. Proximal portion of the implant has cords designed to be woven into the profundus or superficials motor tendon

Hunter Tendon Implants

Hunter Standard Tendon Implant
24.5cm length

Reference Description
TR200000 2mm Wide
TR300000 3mm Wide
TR400000 4mm Wide
TR500000 5mm Wide
TR600000 6mm Wide

Hunter Passive Tendon Implant
25cm length

Reference Description
PT300000 3mm Wide
PT400000 4mm Wide
PT500000 5mm Wide
PT600000 6mm Wide

Hunter Active Tendon Implant
4mm width

Reference Description
ATPC1640 16cm Long
ATPC1840 18cm Long
ATPC2040 20cm Long
ATPC2240 22cm Long
ATPC2640 26cm Long

Hunter Tendon
Swanson Tendon Spacers
  • 100% silicone passive implant option
  • Offers sizing set with diameters ranging between 3 to 6mm.

Swanson Tendon Spacer

Reference Description
24270003 24cm x 3mm
24270004 24cm x 4mm
24270005 24cm x 5mm
24270006 24cm x 6mm
24370001 Swanson sizers
(provided non-sterile) 
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