Evolve Elbow Plating System
Evolve EPS
Anatomically contoured low profile plating system offering 15° of variable angle locking in any direction for a total range of 30°. This system provides in-situ bending instrumentation designed to improve the surgeon’s  intraoperative experience during the fixation of fractures, osteotomies and non-unions of the olecranon, humerus, radius and ulna.

Product offerings

Olecranon Plates

olecranon plates

Medial Plates

medial plates

Lateral Plates

lateral plates

Posterolateral Plates

posterolateral plates

Additional Plate Offerings

additional plates

Screw Options

screw options

Bending Tools
Back table bending

backtable bending

Bending Tools
In-situ bending

in situ bending
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