Aequalis™ Reversed II

Shoulder System

Key benefits
Biomechanics of the Aequalis Reversed II prosthesis is designed for:

  • Medialization of the center of rotation inside the glenoid bone surface.
  • Distalization of the humerus, resulting in retensioning of the deltoid muscle and any rotator cuff muscles that are still competent (in case of massive rotator cuff tear).

Aequalis™ Rev II Glenoid Baseplate

Key benefits

  • 25mm and 29mm diameter baseplate options available with 15mm and 25mm post
  • 2 compression and 2 Locking locking olives provide angled locking fixation
  • HA coating on post baseplate intended for biological fixation
Aequalis Rev II Glenoid Baseplate

Aequalis™ Rev II Threaded Post Baseplate

Key benefits

  • One-piece central threaded post provides immediate baseplate fixation
  • Plasma spray coating creates long-term baseplate fixation
  • Variable locking screws enhance baseplate fixation
Aequalis Rev II Threaded Post Baseplate