ReUnion S

Humeral Stem

For patients that may be considered for shoulder replacement surgery

ReUnion S Humeral Stem

Historically, standard length stems in shoulder arthroplasty have had low complication rates.1 There is a growing trend in shoulder arthroplasty toward humeral stem prosthesis designs focused on preserving distal bone by reducing distal stem length. The Stryker Orthopaedic Modeling and Analytics (SOMA) database was utilized to identify the minimum stem length for a stemmed shoulder prosthesis.

The ReUnion S stem is designed to be the ideal length stem, optimizing bone preservation, alignment, and stability.

  • Bone Preservation: Stem length was determined using our SOMA analysis to identify a humeral transition point and alignment length.

  • Alignment: With the transition point identified, our target alignment zone was identified to avoid varus/valgus placement of the stem.2

  • Stability: The S stem is designed to retain the alignment and stability benefits of a longer humeral stem prosthesis.2