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The new T2 Alpha nailing platform





Message from Dr. David Forsh

Mt. Sinai Health System | New York, NY

The new T2 Alpha nailing platform has been a much anticipated addition to my surgical armamentarium!

Having the option of a piriformis entry reconstruction nail with multiple interlocking portals allows me to more comfortably take on challenging fractures. The ability to use an on-axis start site, particularly when nailing short segment proximal femur fractures, is something that many orthopaedic trauma surgeons can appreciate as beneficial.

The enhancements to the T2 Alpha nail geometry also facilitates ease of insertion and extend the indications for nailing distal fractures as the interlocks are located closer to the tip of the nail. As a preferred ‘extreme nailer’ this has been one of the design additions that I appreciate most. 

Lastly, the new instrumentation is surgically ergonomic and easier to maneuver. The external jigs are lightweight and the beveled trocars navigate the soft tissue very well.

Overall, T2 Alpha is what I’ve looked forward to in a nailing system. With the imprimatur of Stryker’s history and engineering, I’m optimistic that other surgeons will find it as useful as I have. 

This year, we are proud to announce the launch of our T2 Alpha next-generation intramedullary nailing system. T2 Alpha delivers a comprehensive implant portfolio to meet the diverse anatomical needs of patients with nails designed for preferred entry (greater trochanteric or piriformis fossa), length-dependent radius of curvature, and added locking configurations both proximally and distally. 

T2 Alpha introduces a new screw option called the Advanced Locking Screw designed for added axial and angular stability. The Advanced Locking Screw is designed to limit relative motion between the nail and screw while maintaining bi-cortical purchase1,2,3. With the ability to thread and lock into any round 5mm hole of T2 Alpha nails, Advanced Locking Screws allow surgeons to choose when additional stability is needed.