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May 2020 TEACH newsletter

A message from Dr. Lowe

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The new VariAx 2 Mini Fragment System is a great addition to Stryker’s Trauma portfolio! 

The new VariAx 2 Mini Fragment System offers a comprehensive range of 2.0mm, 2.4mm and 2.7mm plate and screw options making it a true utility set. The versatility of the system allows me to utilize for a variety of applications such as provisional, supplemental and definitive fixation. 

The set includes multiple plate types and configurations designed to facilitate matching plate function and anatomic location. The “Profile” plates provide reduction capabilities while the “Broad” and “Narrow” plates provide variable angle locking and compression options for more complex fractures.   

The new instrument options and compact tray were designed to increase procedural efficiency. The T6 and T8 screwdriver blade interfaces allow me to easily pick up and insert long screws (up to 80mm). While the new mini-french plate benders allow for in and out of plane bending to afford anatomic contouring of each plate. 

This dedicated mini fragment system is packaged into a light-weight modular cube that does not consume large space on the surgical table!

Learn more about the VariAx 2 Mini Fragment system below.