Incorporating individualized planning into total hip arthroplasty


Program objectives

  • Understand the principles of CT-based planning through cup and stem positioning
  • Evaluate patient landmarks to determine points used for hip length, offset, COR and Functional Hip Positioning
  • Discuss the importance of the hip to spine relationship and the effects of a stiff or hyper-mobile spine in 3D, CT-based planning
  • Demonstrate Functional Hip Positioning, pelvic tilt planning and impingement modeling with 3D, CT-based planning 


Product focus

  • Mako Total Hip

Elizabeth Gausden

Elizabeth Gausden, M.D.  
New York, NY 

Residency: Hospital for Special Surgery
Fellowship: Mayo Clinic (Adult Reconstruction), University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (Orthopaedic Trauma) 

David Mayman

David Mayman, M.D.  
New York, NY   

Residency: Queen’s University 
Fellowship: Hospital for Special Surgery (Adult Reconstruction), Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital (Orthopedic Sports Medicine) 

Join Elizabeth Gausden, M.D. and David Mayman, M.D. as they discuss individualized planning in total hip arthroplasty with functional hip positioning, pelvic tilt planning and impingement modeling. 

On-demand learning


Mako Total Hip and Functional Hip Positioning with Christopher Grayson, M.D. 
11:41 minutes

Mako Total Hip DA express procedural video with Jeremy Reid, M.D. 
34:31 minutes

Plan your fit with Insignia and Mako Total Hip with Conrad Ivie, M.D. 
2:41 minutes

Mako Total Hip procedural video with Charles Claps, D.O.
27:12 minutes