Patient care choices, 
total knee edition

Program objectives

  • Determine when to do a uni or total knee arthroplasty
  • Evaluate cementless and cemented total knee arthroplasty 
  • Evaluate and understand differences in CR and PS 
  • Determine the use of stems or cones for complex primaries 

Product focus

  • Triathlon Total Knee System
  • Triathlon Tritanium Total Knee System

Lige Kaplan

Lige Kaplan, M.D.     
Phoenix, AZ       

Residency: Henry Ford Hospital   
Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction, William Beaumont Hospital  

Benjamin Wooster

Benjamin Wooster, M.D.      
Charlotte, NC       

Residency: Duke University Medical Center   
Fellowship: Lower Extremity Adult Reconstruction, Mayo Clinic  

Join Lige Kaplan, M.D. and Benjamin Wooster, M.D. as they discuss and debate how they select implants for their total knee patients. If you have an extra 15 minutes, listen to faculty pearls from Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Wooster as they discuss practice and office efficiencies.



Why I use cementless total knee with Dr. Robert Barrack 
04:22 minutes