Patient care choices 
Total hip edition

Faculty pearls | Transitioning to practice

Program objectives

  • Evaluate when to use a cemented stem based on bony anatomy
  • Evaluate when to use a collared and collarless stem
  • Understand acetabular component selection
  • Explore and understand implant selection for complex primary total hip arthroplasty

Product focus

  • Insignia Hip System
  • Accolade II Hip System
  • Exeter Hip System
  • Restoration Modular
  • Trident II Tritanium Acetabular System
  • Modular Dual Mobility

Lige Kaplan

Brian Blackwood, M.D. 
Boulder, CO        

Residency: The University of New Mexico   
Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction, Coon Joint Replacement Institute   

Benjamin Wooster

Cory Calendine, M.D.
Franklin, TN

Residency: Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction, Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute

Join Brian Blackwood, M.D. and Cory Calendine, M.D. as they discuss and debate how they select implants for their total hip patients. If you have an extra 15 minutes, listen to faculty pearls from Dr. Blackwood and Dr. Calendine as they discuss transitioning to practice.



Exploring the Direct Anterior Approach featuring Insignia with Dr. Timothy Lovell  
35:18 minutes 

Exploring the Bikini incision with Dr. Nicholas Colacchio 
17:27 minutes 

Understanding indications for dual mobility constructs with Dr. Geoffrey Westrich 
03:53 minutes 

Indentifying why and when to cement with Dr. Timothy Lovell 
08:12 minutes