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Direct Anterior
Reconstructive technique

Welcome to the DART™ Mentorship program!

DART Mentorship program

Stryker’s Direct Anterior Mentorship gives you the opportunity to connect with highly experienced Stryker DA faculty that can help further skills and foster post-program Direct Anterior learning.
It is our goal that the conversations from the course you attended will not end there! We encourage you to utilize the Direct Anterior Mentorship by reaching out to your sales representative to determine the best next steps in your DA education journey. We understand the importance of DA education and we are committed to partnering with you along the way.


2023 DART programs

Strategies for success: Intro to DA
This is a faculty-led surgical training program for surgeons looking to incorporate the DA approach into their practice.
Topics include:

  • Patient anatomy
  • Incision, exposure and femoral releases
  • Acetabular and femoral preparation
  • Implant options including Insignia and Trident II

Advanced techniques for complex primaries
This faculty-led surgical training program is for surgeons looking to advance their DA approach for complex primaries and revisions.
Topics include:

  • Implant options including Insignia, Exeter, Restoration Modular, Modular Dual Mobility and Restoration Anatomic Shell
  • Acetabular revision
  • Femoral fractures/cables
  • Hardware removal
  • Cement techniques
  • Managing instability

Elevating Direct Anterior with Mako Total Hip
This is a faculty-led surgical training program for surgeons looking to advance their DA approach with Mako Total Hip.
Topics include:

  • Functional hip positioning with CT-based pre-planning
  • Optimizing patient positioning and OR set up
  • Pelvic registration tips and tricks
  • Procedural efficiencies to help get back to time neutral
  • Implant portfolio including Insignia and Trident II

How do I utilize Stryker’s DA mentorship?

Medical education mentorship event options:

Live OR Training

• Speaking engagements

• Surgical observations

• Virtual surgical observation

• Surgical training labs


Have your sales representative from Stryker reach out to their respective medical education regional program manager to schedule your next step in your education journey.

Contact information for respective region:

Northeast region:
Peter Mousa, peter.mousa@stryker.com

Southeast region:
Alexis Culhane, alexis.culhane@stryker.com

Southwest region:
Maria Wygonik, maria.wygonik@stryker.com

West region:
Krista Brennan, krista.brennan@stryker.com




Chen Darwin

Darwin Chen, M.D.
New York, NY

Table: Yes
Mako: No
Email: Darwin.chen@mountsinai.org

Colacchio Nicholas

Nicholas Colacchio, M.D.
Falmouth, ME

Table: Yes
Mako: No
Email: nicholas.colacchio@gmail.com

Dizdarevic Ismar

Ismar Dizdarevic, M.D.
Ridgewood, NJ

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: idizdarevic@gmail.com

Frye Benjamin

Benjamin Frye, M.D.
Morgantown, WV

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: bfrye@hsc.wvu.edu

O'Malley Michael

Michael O’Malley, M.D.
Pittsburg, PA

Table: No
Mako: No
Email: omalleymj3@upmc.edu


Alvin Ong, M.D.
Pomona, NJ

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: alvin.ong@rothmanortho.com

Orozco Fabio

Fabio R. Orozco, M.D.
Pomona, NJ

Table: No
Mako: No
Email: Fabio.orozco@orozcoortho.com


Mark Pizzurro, M.D.
Ridgewood, NJ

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: mpizzurro@gmail.com

Reid Jeremy

Jeremy Reid, M.D.
Voorhees, NJ

Table: None
Mako: Yes
Email: jeremyjreid@gmail.com


Akhil Sastry, M.D.
Portsmouth, NH

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: akhil70@hotmail.com


Conrad Ivie

Conrad Ivie, M.D.
Knoxville, TN

Table: Yes and No
Mako: Yes
Email: iviecb@tocdocs.com

Calendine Cory

Cory Calendine, M.D.
Franklin, TN

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: cory.calendine@bjit.org

Boyd Bradley

Bradley Boyd, D.O.
Fairfax, CA

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: boyd.brad@gmail.com

Dounchis Jon

Jon Dounchis, M.D.
Naples, FL

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: dounchis@yahoo.com

Grayson Christopher

Christopher Grayson, M.D.
Tampa, FL

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: cgrayson225@gmail.com

Knesek David

David Knesek, D.O.
Novi, MI

Table: Yes
Mako: No
Email: davidknesek@gmail.com


Durkin Michael

Michael Durkin, M.D.
Hinsdale, IL

Table: Yes
Mako: No
Email: mdurkin@ibji.com

Randell Timmothy

Timmothy Randell, M.D.
Alexandria, LA

Table: No
Mako: No
Email: timrandell@gmail.com


Bellino Michael

Michael Bellino, M.D.
Honolulu, HI

Table: Yes
Mako: No
Email: bellino.m@gmail.com


C. Brian Blackwood, M.D.
Boulder, CO

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: cbblackwood@gmail.com


Jeremy Gililland, M.D.
Salt Lake City, UT

Table: Yes
Mako: No
Email: Jeremy.gililland@hsc.utah.edu


Timothy Lovell, M.D.
Spokane, WA

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: tplovell7@gmail.com


Steve Myerthall, M.D.
Phoenix, AZ

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: slmbonedoc@gmail.com


Joseph Nessler, M.D.
St. Cloud, MN

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: jvness60@charter.net


Erik Schnaser, M.D.
Palm Springs, CA

Table: No
Mako: Yes
Email: schnaser22@me.com


John Tiberi, M.D.
Los Angeles, CA

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: jvtiberi@gmail.com


Sean Toomey, M,D,
Seattle, WA

Table: Yes
Mako: Yes
Email: stoomey@orthodoc.com



DART™ surgical animation video

Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty featuring Insignia® Hip Stem

Cabling through DA

Identifying tips and tricks for difficult exposures

DART™ Bikini incision

The faculty are paid consultants of Stryker Orthopaedics. The opinions expressed by the faculty are those of the faculty and not necessarily those of Stryker. Individual experiences may vary.