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The Ergonomics and Utility

Dr. David Weintritt discusses the utility and ergonomics of Stryker's SPY Portable Handheld Imager

SPY Fluorescence Imaging Technology

Adequate blood flow is crucial to surgical success and the body’s ability to heal. Even a few hours of impaired blood flow can lead to post-operative complications. SPY Fluorescence Imaging technology allows surgeons to visualize blood flow intraoperatively, which may help them make certain decisions to improve surgical outcomes.

SPY-PHI Guided Debridement of Ischemic Breast Tissue

Dr. Kays utilizes the SPY Portable Handheld Imager to visualize perfusion during a prepectoral breast reconstuction case.

Using SPY-PHI to Visualize Perfusion to the NAC after NSM and Prepectoral Placement of Implant Sizer

SPY-PHI for intraoperative visualization of perfusion to the mastectomy skin flaps, with focus on the nipple areolar complex.


Using SPY-PHI to visualize perfusion during plastic and reconstructive surgery


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