Quality, value, sustainability to the point

The reprocessed MyoSure tissue removal suite is our flagship family of devices that incorporate our Redesigned for Sustainability philosophy. Without compromising performance or quality, we’ve enhanced environmental aspects of our devices to deliver sustainable solutions to healthcare. Specifically, we have made substantial environmental improvements in three areas:

  • • Manufacturing – by incorporating water efficiency techniques, we save 164 gallons of water each time a batch of devices goes through our cleaning process
  • • Replacement components – the MyoSure shroud is replaced with a bio-based plastic that is manufactured using sustainable sourced trees; the OEM PVC tubing is replaced with PVC-free tubing to better align with facilities chemical reduction goals
  • • Packaging – packaging weight has been reduced by 34% (compared to the OEM), which, over 5 years, will result in a reduction of 53,000 lbs of material
Every MyoSure device is 100% function tested and backed by Stryker’s quality policy.*

MyoSure REACH (1)

Going beyond Reprocessing...

  • Reprocessed MyoSure REACH Tissue Removal Device (10-401FC)
  • Reprocessed MyoSure LITE Tissue Removal Device (30-401LITE)
  • Reprocessed MyoSure XL Tissue Removal Device (50-501XL)
  • Reprocessed MyoSure XL Tissue Removal Device for Fluent (50-601XL)

Before being sent back to you, all reprocessed devices are required to pass through our robust manufacturing process consisting of:

  • Decontamination and cleaning 
  • Visual inspection 
  • Function testing for electoral continuity 
  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization