EnSite X EP cables

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EnSite X cables are a set of insulated wires, wrapped in a protective coating, with unique connectors on each end. Stryker's Sustainability Solutions reprocessed EP cables are 100% function tested and reprocessing cycles are tracked.

Ensite X

Abbott EnSite X EP cables

EnSite X EP cables are an extension cord, connecting EP catheters to the mapping/recording system and can be found in all EP labs, as well as some Cath labs, and are essential for every EP procedure performed.

  • Each cable is fully wiped down with medical grade cleaners such as IPA, CaviCide and SurgiSoak

  • Each cable is fully inspected for physical damage including cracking, corrosion and bent pins

  • Each cable is tracked using a distinct barcode ensuring each device is not reprocessed past the maximum validated cycles