Reprocessed Aquamantys Bipolar Sealers

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Aquamantys device

Every device. Every time.

  • One hundred percent of reprocessed Aquamantys Bipolar Sealers undergo a thorough reprocessing cycle inclusive of visual testing, decontamination and cleaning, function testing, sterilization and more. 
  • Before being sent back to you, all reprocessed devices undergo generator testing to verify proper electrical function.

Patient outcomes

  • For the last 22 years, SSS has partnered with clinicians to build out a reprocessing program with patient outcomes at the forefront.
  • According to a Banner Health study, original manufactured bipolar and ultrasound diathermy devices are reported as defective 4.9 times more frequently than reprocessed devices1
Collaboration with clinicians
Products for the planet

Environmental initiatives

  • To further our sustainability efforts and drive stronger clinical staff engagement, we developed our Products for the Planet program which provides hospitals the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of National Forests by achieving annual collection goals for single-use devices.
  • Reprocessed Aquamantys can be reprocessed six times, expanding the useful life of the device and furthering your environmental impact.
  • Packaging for Reprocessed Aquamantys Bipolar Sealers has been optimized for recycling.  






At Stryker's Sustainability Solutions (SSS), we reprocess more single-use medical devices than any other provider—always striving for the highest quality and performance standards. We’ve helped over 3,000 customers save approximately $1 billion through reprocessing programs and divert over 25 million pounds of waste from landfills.


Driven by our shared ambition, we help improve healthcare through innovation—from manufacturing to collections and every step beyond. Every device we reprocess is individually inspected to ensure it meets Stryker's quality and performance standards.



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1. ASME Journal of Medical Devices, Dec 2015