Agilis sheath

Reprocessed Steerable Catheter Introducer Sheath

The Agilis Catheter Introducer Sheath is a reprocessed device, originally manufactured by Abbott/St. Jude Medical and comes in 8.5 french small, medium and large sizes.


Abbott/St. Jude Medical Reprocessed Agilis Catheter Introducer Sheath

The Sheath helps grant access to hard-to-reach sites and enhances clinical capability for transseptal puncture, mapping of the heart and therapeutic ablation in the left atrium or ventricle.

  • 8.5F bi-directional 180o / 90o deflection

  • Small, medium and large curl options

  • Braided shaft provides torqability, pushability and kink resistance

  • Device can be reprocessed one time