AcuNav ultrasound catheter

Reprocessed 2D ICE catheter

The AcuNav ultrasound catheter is a reprocessed device, originally manufactured by Biosense Webster and comes in 8F and 10F.


Biosense Webster Reprocessed ACUSON AcuNav Ultrasound ICE Catheter

The AcuNav ICE catheter’s transducer transmits ultrasound waves that are reflected by cardiac tissue back to a receiver; high-resolution 2D grayscale and Doppler models. The catheter is intended for intracardiac and intraluminal visualization of cardiac and great vessel anatomy and physiology as well as visualization of other devices in the heart.

  • Typically found in EP labs and Cath labs

  • Able to connect to General Electric and Siemens consoles

  • Available in 8F and 10F sizes

  • Fully reprocessed 100% function tested, cleaned and tracked

  • Device can be reprocessed four time