Surgicount360 Software

Document your surgical sponge count.
Fight to end retained surgical sponges.


Why settle for a simple confirmation or “scan complete” message when we provide virtually unlimited reports to validate and document your sponge counts. Customize reports by procedure, service line, procedural room and staff – or aggregated data for your hospital, system or IDN. Whether micro or macro, you’ll have permanent, evidence-based data to support your internal needs or third-party audits.

Robust. Customizable. Actionable.

  • Provides post-op accounting of each uniquely-identified sponge
  • Demonstrates compliance to hospital policy or third-party best practices
  • Supplies evidence-based data for external audits
  • Generates actionable data for quality initiatives, outcomes percentages, issues resolution or performance optimization
  • Captures deviations with justifications noted (e.g. wound pack)
  • Yields objective metrics for inventory, purchasing, budget and staff planning
  • Enables virtually endless report customization

Procedure-specific data capture

  • Case data downloads into the aggregated SurgiCount360 Software database
  • Exact time each unique Safety-Sponge was accounted for before and after removal from patient
  • Type of procedure, procedure length and procedure sponge usage
  • Staff changes during procedure (e.g. who exited, who entered and times)
  • Sponge discrepancies and reason (e.g. wound pack, case cancellation)
  • Surgical staff
  • Time of day
  • Patient ID

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer, according to a 2016 study published in the fourth most cited medical journal in the world.14

“SurgiCount360 reporting provides a multitude of metrics – including by procedure, product, people or facility – so risky areas can be addressed and strengths can be replicated.”

Dylan Crotty, Vice President and General Manager

SurgiCount Tablet

Accounting for the status of each and every unique sponge.

Safety-Sponge Products

Radiopaque and each uniquely-coded with a fluid-wicking tag.

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