Pivot Guardian
Total hip system

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Pivot Guardian hip distraction system

Expanding your options

Pivot Guardian Direct

State-of-the-art surgical table accessories for Direct Anterior total hip arthroplasty, hip pinning, hip fracture, PAO, DFO and more


Pivot Guardian total hip system

State-of-the-art surgical table accessories spanning six hip procedures.

  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Direct Anterior total hip arthroplasty
  • Hip pinning
  • Hip fractures
  • Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO)
  • Derotational femoral osteotomy (DFO)
One system.
One simplified OR.
  • No patient transfers between hip procedures
    • Interchangeable parts
    • One set of boots for all six procedures
  • Single system training for OR staff
  • Multiple hip surgeon specialties accommodated in one system
  • Compact storage for one system, instead of many
The focus on patient safety you deserve


A post-free environment

In a study of 1,000 hip arthroscopies performed without the use of a perineal post, there were no groin-related soft tissue or nerve complications reported.1


Heel slip mitigation

Boa system boots with an achilles block designed to secure the patient’s ankle during distraction and hip procedures.


Vertical spar safety mechanism

Gas shock assisted and designed for precise foot and leg positioning.



Pivot Guardian distraction system for hip arthroscopy and PAO


Study shows

Zero reported

groin-related complications1



In a recent study of 1,000 hip arthroscopies performed without the use of a perineal post, investigators found that the procedure allowed for safe, adequate, reproducible access to the hip joint without groin-related soft tissue or nerve complications.1

Explore the innovative design Pivot Guardian distraction system for hip arthroscopy and PAO

1. Post-free

The Pivot Guardian distraction system is designed to mitigate post-related complications.

2. Traction force gauge

The system includes a traction force guage that estimates the amount of force on the patient.

3. Fine and gross traction controls

Designed to provide precise control and better range-of-motion. You can easily make adduction, abduction, as well as extension and flexion hip adjustments. It also allows for internal and external hip rotation.

4. Carbon fiber construction

Radiolucent carbon fiber construction minimizing the amount of metal components surrounding the hip, the anterior and posterior visualization during surgery—a "true AP radiographic shot."


OR turnover

The Pivot Guardian distraction system is designed to minimize the time and effort required for transport, setup and takedown.



Dr. Richard Mather III* – Hip FAI surgical technique

Dr. Struan H. Coleman* – Hip labral repair


Pivot Guardian Direct


Expanding your options
  • Direct Anterior total hip arthroplasty
  • Hip pinning
  • Hip fractures
  • PAO
  • DFO

Explore the state-of-the-art surgical table accessories Pivot Guardian Direct for Direct Anterior total hip arthroplasty, hip pinning, hip fracture, periacetabular osteotomy, derotational
femoral osteotomy and more.2

1. Tabletop extension

Carbon fiber tabletop extension designed to support joint replacement and trauma procedures.

2. Femoral support

Carbon fiber femoral support for stability during surgery and improved visualization* of critical anatomy.2

*As compared to surgical procedures with no support.2

3. Vertical spar

Allows for easy manipulation of the patient’s foot and leg during surgery.

4. PostFree support

Proprietary PostFree design built to support post-free surgery.



Leg and foot extension

Allows for streamlined patient positioning
and transfer.



Mako compatability

Compatible with the Mako robot for total hip applications.



Direct storage

Smaller for easy storage.



Drs. Michael Salata* and Robert Wetzel* – Combined hip arthroscopy and PAO


Boa system boots

Discover the next generation 

traction boot

Designed to mitigate heel slip.



1. Boa system

Deliver precise fit and adjustment to distraction system boots.



2. Achilles block

Designed to secure the patient's ankle during distraction.

Patient pad


Advanced patient pad for Pivot Guardian distraction system No Trendelenburg required.

Zero-degrees of Trendelenburg

Achieve post-free distraction with zero-degrees of Trendelenburg.

Freedom to operate

Designed with the surgeon in mind and does not require a change in hand position or portal placement.

Stronger than the leading competition

Tensile resistance tested to be 3x stronger than the competition.3

Resistant to patient
pre-operative skin preparation chemicals

2.5x stronger than the leading competitor when exposed to patient skin preparation chemicals, like Chloraprep.3

The advanced surgical experience (ASE) for hip arthroscopy
The future of hip arthroscopy now. The Pivot Guardian distraction system along with our pre-operative planning tool, HipMap, and our intra-operative resection planning and execution tool, HipCheck, create an advanced surgical experience for you and your patients.

Dr. Struan Coleman* talks ASE



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