Pivot Complete Hip Arthroscopy Kit

Access and instrumentation

Recent advances in the knowledge and treatment of femoroacetabular impingement have led to the development of minimally invasive techniques to restore the biomechanics of the hip and delay or obviate the need for a total hip replacement. We are at the forefront of instrumentation advances that play a critical role in restoring patient’s optimal hip biomechanics. Our products focus on innovative and cost-effective approaches to allow patients to return to their active lives.


  • The kit incudes access and instrumentation products:
    - Access products: scopes, cannnulas and bridge system
    - Instrumentation products: punches, graspers and suture passers

  • Hip Access Set was designed to help reduce the time and effort necessary to access and treat the hip joint. Portal exchange is smooth and seamless when you employ the fully cannulated cutter cannula-and-bridge system.

  • Hip Instruments are a comprehensive kit of precision tools that assist in tissue resection, grasping, microfracture and suture-management.

  • The angled designs of our tools are designed to optimize joint access and allow curvature around the femoral head for pinpoint control.

  • Choice and variety of tools give you the full range of options. All hand instruments have 190 mm working length that come in straight, up, left and right angles.