Osteochondral drilling system

The MicroFX OCD system enhances the way micro-fracture holes are created. The system utilizes the MicroFX instrumentation and a single fluted drill that is designed to extract bone to create a clear channel for access to healing cells.


  • The guide mouth design and dimensions result in precision and stability helping to maintain structural integrity of the subchondral bone.

  • The universal drill along with the multiple guide, curette and snap cap options allow you to access various defect areas, create vertical shoulders of mechanically stable cartilage and select appropriate drill depth to stimulate blood flow.

  • The fluted drill tip provides clear channels to the healing site by extracting bone which may result in greater quantity and quality of repair cartilage and intraoperative efficiency1.

Chen et. al. Drilling and Microfracture Lead to Different Bone Structure and Necrosis during Bone-Marrow Stimulation for Cartilage Repair. JOR. 27(11)2009

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The Phoenix microfracture system advances microfracture by offering the tools necessary to easily access hip chondral lesions. The unique drilling system is designed to facilitate reproducible and precise bone hole placement and depth, leaving clear bone channels within close proximity.

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