Hard-body screw-in anchor platform​

Confidence in every repair.

AlphaVent provides a comprehensive, versatile and strong PEEK suture anchor platform for a variety of sports medicine repairs.
AlphaVent Hard-body screw-in anchor platform​  ​




AlphaVent PEEK suture anchor platform offers three anchor sizes and 22 implants. This array of options allows you to utilize the anchor for a multitude of sports medicine procedures.

  • 4.75mm, 5.5mm and 6.5mm sizes
  • Sliding and non-sliding options
  • Needled and non-needled options
  • Single, double and triple-loaded configurations with suture and tape
  • Instrumentation for all bone qualities​​​​
AlphaVent implants

AlphaVent features

AlphaVent product feature callouts

A. Needles safely stored in handle for relevant configurations.

B. Fully slotted driver allows for intra-operative screw re-engagements and removal.

C. 16mm length allows for multiple points of fixation without screw convergence in double-row repairs.

Instrumentation options that fit your need​s

Multiple pilot hole creation options are available with the AlphaVent platform.

Awls, drills, taps and punch-taps available to fulfill your technique preferences and enable efficient pilot hole creation across bone qualities.

AlphaVent instrumentations
cortical threads outlined on alphavent

Dual-thread technology employed to optimize engagement in cortical and cancellous bone.1

unobstructed cannulation and venting on AlphaVent highlighted

Venting and complete cannulation designed to facilitate access of bone marrow and associated cells to the repair site.

AlphaVent proprietary soft triple eyelet

Proprietary soft triple eyelet is higher strength than eyelets of leading competitors' anchors.1

Featured video library

Repairing a delaminated rotator cuff tear featuring Stryker's AlphaVent PEEK anchor platform and Champion suture passers with Dr. J.R. Rudzki*


1. DHD14695, TR21098