Lateral Access System

The Niagara Lateral Access System is a comprehensive minimally invasive lateral surgery platform. Developed from the ground up, each element is designed for enhanced control through precision of retraction, visibility throughout the procedure, and flexibility to adjust and adapt as needed. Together with a comprehensive set of disc preparation tools, as well as lateral cage and plate options, the Niagara Lateral Access System is designed to be a complete solution to help surgeons tackle the challenges encountered throughout lateral surgery.

  • Independent retraction and toeing of all three blades allows for enhanced control of Retractor orientation
  • Intradiscal Shim placement with Dilators still in place is designed to help maintain desired access window to the disc space
  • Dedicated mounting, lighting, and shim options allow for customized assembly and set-up
  • Customized carbon fiber frame engineered to balance strength and visualization
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum blades available from 80-200mm in length
  • Strategic design of metal and carbon fiber components allows for ease of visualization on imaging
  • Comprehensive standard and angled disc preparation instrument options are designed to be adaptive to anatomy and technique
  • Designed to be used with lateral interbody and plate portfolios
  • Designed for up to 85mm of retraction before toeing to allow access for corpectomy