Direct Vertebral Rotation System

Utilizing the power of pedicle screw fixation to provide you with a three dimensional approach to correcting spinal deformity using segmental or en bloc derotation maneuvers

Xia 3 SUK DVR Direct Vertebral Rotation System

We designed this system to be quick, simple and modular. Whether you use a segmental or en bloc derotation technique (or both), the SUK DVR instrumentation attaches quickly and easily to your fixation points, and the SUK DVR clamps simplify the process of connecting your construct across single or multiple levels. 

  • Xia 3 uniplanar and uniplanar reduction screws feature polyaxial freedom in the cephalad/caudal plane to facilitate easier rod seating, and a fixed position in the medial/lateral plane to facilitate direct vertebral rotation

  • One piece, two piece, reduction, and short reduction tubes give you multiple options for establishing fixation points along the spine

  • Small, medium and long SUK clamps make connecting multiple levels quick and easy, which can help you to distribute forces evenly across multiple fixation points when utilizing an en bloc technique

  • T-Handle facilitates sequential rod reduction by helping you tighten and/or loosen tubes when space is limited 

  • Multiple rod materials and diameters (including transition rods) accommodate a wide variety of correction philosophies and/or anatomical needs