Synthetic Bone Graft

A synthetic bone graft with a unique interconnected, ultra-porous structure that resembles human cancellous bone

Vitoss Synthetic Bone Graft    

Vitoss is available in three formulations – a foam pack, a foam strip, or morsels and blocks. When combined with bone marrow aspirate (BMA), it possesses the same three bone healing components as the gold standard (Iliac Crest Bone Graft, or ICBG) – a scaffold (osteoconductive), cells (osteogenic) and signals (osteoinductive).1

  • A highly porous calcium-phosphate (up to 90% porous)2 that is stable at physiological pH3 and resorbs during the natural remodeling process of bone4

  • Open, interconnected structure that facilitates 3-D bone regeneration5

  • Vitoss Foam Pack is stable in a fluid environment, can soak and hold bone marrow, and is moldable

  • Vitoss Foam Strip is flexible when wet, can soak and hold bone marrow, is compression resistant, and is easy to cut

  • Vitoss Morsels and Blocks are good for large graft volume applications and are cost comparative to cancellous chips