Vikos Anterior Lumbar

Allograft System

Vikos Anterior-Lumbar Allograft System combines quality machined allograft with precision instrumentation. In addition to both 5°, 10° and 15° implant options in a large range of heights, Vikos is available with a complete offering of preparation and insertion instruments.



  • 100% cortical graft cut from the femur

  • 23 – 30 mm footprints available in heights ranging from 9 – 19 mm in 2 mm increments

  • Lordotic options of 5°, 10°, & 15°

  • Insertion feature allows for rigid connection to instruments

  • PRESERVON-treated bio-implants are packaged in a hydrated state and do not require rehydration

  • Processed by LifeNet Health, a leading allograft bio-implant and regenerative medicine company