Instrument Set

Comprehensive set of instruments for use in pedicle subtraction osteotomies and vertebral column resections

Osteotomy Instrument Set

Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy (PSO) and Vertebral Column Resection (VCR) procedures provide you with powerful techniques for fixed sagittal deformity correction. We designed this set to assist in these technically challenging and highly complex procedures.

  • Adjustable vertebral body retractors designed to wrap around the anterior aspect of the vertebral body while anchoring along the body in order to allow maximal exposure of the vertebral body during the osteotomy. 

  • Wide range of osteotomes and rasps for efficiently removing bony elements

  • Posterior vertebral body punches with a foot that fits over the posterior vertebral body wall and a hook that grips the bony edge to help prevent sliding of the instrument over the posterior vertebral body wall and also to help direct forces anterior and medial to the bony elements