LITe Pedicle Access Solution

Y-Wire and Y-Needle Family

A less invasive pedicle access solution designed to allow for controlled guidewire advancement and retraction

LITe Pedicle Access Solution

Guidewires are crucial to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The Y-Wire is made from highly polished Nitinol material with a patented Y tip, and was designed to mitigate the potential issues of guidewires advancing, guidewires kinking, and bending guidewires out of the surgical site.1 The Y-Needle family provides you four uniquely designed Y Needles that deliver the Y-Wire. 

  • The Y-Wire features a unique bifurcated tip that is designed to prevent advancement of the guidewire through vertebrae and allows for reduced exposure to fluoroscopy, fewer surgical steps, procedural ease, and patient safety2

  • The Y-200, Y-300 and Y-400 Needles all have a threaded mechanism that allows for controlled advancement and retraction of the needle through bone

  • The Y-300 Needle offers an integral broach built-in at the tip of the needle that reams a Ø4.5mm x 15mm hole in the pedicle, which provides a one-step 30mm deposit of the Y-wire into the vertebral body

  • The Y-400 Needle features a tap sheath that allows placement of a tap tube during initial pedicle access and cannulation. In addition, this needle includes a built-in measurement system designed for rapid determination of needle insertion depth