LITe Decompression

A comprehensive access and instrumentation set designed for a systematic approach to minimally invasive spinal procedures

LITe Decompression System

This system features tubes in a variety of diameters and lengths, a disposable light source to illuminate the surgical site, and a set of instruments to assist in a variety of minimally invasive procedures. The LITe Decompression System is part of our LITe (less invasive technologies) portfolio. 

  • Stainless steel tubes provide strength in a low profile form

  • Tubes feature a non-reflective PVD coating, which can help reduce glare from OR lighting or a headlamp compared to other access systems

  • Single-use, sterile packed light cable optimized for use with the tubes

  • Micro-discectomy instruments optimized for use in posterior MIS procedures through small working portals

  • Instruments feature bayoneted working shafts, a non-reflective coating, minimized handle profiles and shaft diameters, and ≥16cm working lengths for use in the lower posterior thoracic and lumbar spine