Cascadia TL 3D

Interbody System

The Cascadia TL 3D Interbody System includes a full range of implant sizes carefully designed to accommodate the vertebral anatomy. The streamlined instrumentation is designed to aid in consistent and accurate implant placement. Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology incorporates 300-500 um longitudinal channels, which in conjunction with transverse windows, create an interconnected lattice designed to allow for bony integration. [1,2]



  • Roughened titanium surfaces have been shown to demonstrate increased protein expression in contrast to smooth titanium surfaces3,4,5

  • Lamellar 3D titanium interbody with approximately 70% porosity1

  • Reverse hourglass design allows for a large graft volume1

  • Bulleted nose to ease insertion1

  • 3-5 μm surface roughness to allow for direct bony ongrowth1,2