Cascadia AN Lordotic-Oblique 3D

Interbody System

The Cascadia AN Lordotic-Oblique 3D Interbody System includes a full range of implant sizes carefully designed to accommodate the vertebral anatomy and aid in the restoration of proper sagittal balance in the lumbar spine. This system is used in conjunction with instrumentation that allows for both direct implant insertion and in-situ rotation. Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology incorporates 500 um longitudinal channels throughout the implant, which in conjunction with transverse windows, create an interconnected lattice designed to allow for bony integration. [1]



  • Titanium interbody with approximately 70% porosity1

  • Roughened titanium surfaces have been shown to demonstrate increased protein expression in contrast to smooth titanium surfaces2-4

  • Increased bone graft volume compared to equivalent PEEK design1

  • Designed to accommodate lumbar lordosis while in an oblique orientation