BIO Shaft

Femoral and Fibular Allografts

Precision cut, fully customizable segments of the femoral or fibular diaphysis

BIO Shaft Femoral and Fibular Allografts

These precision cut, fully customizable femoral and fibular allografts are designed for multiple applications including corpectomy, fracture management, tumor resection and anterior cervical fusion (fibular segments only). 

  • Femoral shaft available in 60 and 100mm lengths, and 23-27mm x 23-30mm diameters 

  • Fibular shaft available in 40 and 60mm lengths (diameter range = 8-15mm) as well as 100mm lengths (no specific diameter range)

  • Preservon® treated for fully hydrated ambient temperature storage 

  • Cortical ring provides a monolithic structural support 

  • Customizable to the specific needs of the patient

  • Provides an osteoconductive matrix for incorporation

  • Processed with Allowash XG® to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level to 10-6 (SAL)1