BIO Chips

Cancellous, Cancellous with DBM Powder, and CorticoCancellous

Bone void filler available in three formulations and capable of providing an osteoconductive matrix

BIO Chips Cancellous, Cancellous with DBM Powder, and CorticoCancellous 

This bone void filler provides an osteoconductive matrix and is available in a variety of sizes for varying surgical needs. 

  • Cancellous Chips available in two particle size ranges (1-4mm and 1-8mm) and four sizes: 5cc, 15cc, 30cc, and 60cc

  • Cancellous Chips with DBM Powder (a mix of demineralized bone material and cancellous chips) available in particle sizes ranging from 1-8mm and in three different sizes: 5cc, 10cc and 15cc. This formulation provides both an osteoinductive component as well as an osteoconductive matrix. 

  • CorticoCancellous chips available in two particle size ranges (1-4mm and 1-8m) and two sizes (30cc and 60cc) with a mix of crushed cancellous and crushed cortical chips

  • All BIO Chips are Preservon® treated for fully hydrated ambient temperature storage

  • All BIO Chips are processed with Allowash XG® to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level to 10-6 (SAL)1