Balance ACS

Empowering you to achieve positive patient outcomes throughout the continuum of spinal care


BACS provides the necessary tools—from surgical preauthorization tools and preoperative planning
to 3D anatomical modeling and postoperative reporting—to help you achieve quality patient outcomes and to support the perioperative process.

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BACS Accelerate 

An easy-to-follow insurance documentation tool that displays payer and patient specific requirements

BACS Assist 

A surgical image measuring technology to assist in planning and preoperative implant selection

BACS Assure 

A data collection and operative reporting tool to track patient outcome metrics

How can BACS benefit......

  • Allows you to easily collect patient reported outcomes (PRO) data for analysis with no added burden to your team
  • Gives you insight into your patients' experiences throughout the entire continuum of spinal care
  • Enables you to make data-driven decisions
  • Empowers you to enhance your patient experience
Your patient

  • Allows them to feel part of their own treatment plan, and provides them with unique insight into their condition, progress and recovery
  • Allows you to provide additional context around the procedure to your patients by summarizing outcomes of the same/similar procedures at your practice*
Your practice
  • Facilitates benchmarking of surgeons within your organization and provides comparative data
  • Provides data to streamline your discussions with insurance companies and to help prevent unnecessary delays

*Each spinal surgery patient will experience a different postoperative activity level, depending on his/her own individual clinical factors. Individual results may vary.

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