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T7 personal protection system

The complete system

Work safely.
And comfortably.


As a surgeon, you need to do life-changing work—and keep yourself safe at the same time. We have your back.

Together, T7 and T7plus create a personal protection system that’s tailored to your fit, keeping you comfortable and cool, in any surgical procedure.

Here at Stryker, your opinion and feedback guide our work. This means we designed this system to fit your needs so you can step into any situation in the OR with complete confidence in your personal comfort and protection.


The lightest and quietest Stryker helmet adjusts to your customized fit. The T7 helmet, paired with our T7plus toga, provides optimal protection and comfort.


T7 plus
Built to work seamlessly with the T7 helmet, our toga protects you from infectious bodily fluids and microorganisms. All while keeping you comfortable with breathable, tear-resistant material.

Tailored to you
T7 helmet
The T7 helmet is engineered to fit you–and fit you well. Technology and ergonomics work together to create a comfortable fit without sacrificing your personal protection.
1. Hear with ease
40% quieter than our previous generation, T7 will leave you asking if it’s actually on.

2. Work in comfort

EVA foam conforms to your head with a lighter frame and a cooler fit.

Better balance and ergonomics keep T7 comfortable and secure.

3. Adjust to your fit

The dual adjustment knob lets you precisely control height and width.

Improved center of gravity is intended to take the strain off of your neck.

4. Stay in the zone

Pause button lets you control the fan to streamline the donning and doffing workflow and save battery life.

Extended battery life means fewer interruptions in the OR.

+ 15 hours with LED off
+ 6 hours with LED on


Innovation on the move

T7 has many powerful features that improve your workflow and help you stay safe in the OR.

+ LED light

+ Removable light shroud

+ Optimized distribution

+ Lightest and most durable Stryker system


Designed to protect
T7 plus
When you know you’re protected, you can concentrate on getting the job done. Our toga works to give you the highest level of protection—while still making sure you’re cool and comfortable during complex procedures.
1. Breathe easy
Redesigned material helps you stay cool.

When donned correctly, the face shield will automatically turn on the fan.
2. Keep your vision clear
Peel-away technology lets you easily and quickly remove sterile lenses, so that your view is never obstructed.
3. AAMI level 4 protection
Safeguard yourself from contamination, infectious bodily fluids, microorganisms, and particulate matter.
4. Enhanced seams
Enhanced seams provide a strong, secure barrier.
5. Stay comfortable
BVB fabric (breathable viral barrier) is a soft, lightweight material that keeps you dry and protected.


The latest in PPE

Stay safe and comfortable in the OR with all the latest features in personal protection.

+ Full coverage against splash and contamination

+ Designed specifically for the T7 helmet

+ Semipermeable material that’s tear-resistant

+ Peel-away face shield


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