Performance Series Blades

Premium design. Proven results.

The use of Stryker’s heavy-duty saws with Performance Series blades provides a high-performance combination while maximizing cut efficiency, cut accuracy, and control. Stryker’s heavy-duty blades are the only blades designed and tested for use in all current heavy-duty saws from Stryker.

Reliable heavy duty cutting technology

Designed for heavy duty cutting applications

  • Beveled edges

  • Stabile construction

  • Patented tooth design

  • Constant blade thickness

Performance when you need it most Reliable heavy duty cutting technology



Performance Series 6125-127-90 blades

Premium design. Proven results.

Stryker’s Performance Series blades are highly engineered for reliable cutting operation

Beveled edges

  • Beveled edges are intended to reduce the likelihood of soft tissue damage as compared to non-beveled blades.
  • They also aid in the reduction of wear debris within the cutting block.
  • This is particularly evident with single use cutting blocks.


  • Concave tooth design stabilizes the blade by engaging fewer teeth at on time.
  • This improves overall control of the saw.

Patented tooth design

  • Inner teeth feed bone chips into the chip clearance area, mimnimizing the amount of debris at the cut site allowing for a more efficient cut.


  • Constant blade thickness improves overall cut accuracy by having optimal fit in the cutting block.
  • Thicker and stiffer than other toothset blades, it’s less likely to dive or skyve. 


The use of Stryker’s heavy duty saws and Performance Series blades provide best in class combination while maximizing cut-efficiency, cut-accuracy and control. Stryker’s heavy duty blades are the only blades designed and tested for use in all current heavy-duty saws from Stryker.

Least stable

All teeth engage bone at the same time. This causes the tendency for the blade to kick out during the cut.

Better control characteristic 

Progressive engagement of cutting teeth. Reduces cutting force and kick out. Allows user better control of saw. Improved control allows faster cutting.

Most stable

Concave shape creates a cutting face that keeps blade centered at all times and allows the smoothest cut possible. Fewer teeth engaged means blade does not grab or kick.



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