Speed Spray62

Pretreatment foam dispenser

Speed Spray62 pretreatment foam dispenser is made for point of use application, replacing the need for aerosol spray bottles. The Speed Spray62 dispenser delivers pretreatment quickly and effectively to provide better overall coverage, treating an entire tray of instruments in seconds. The Speed Spray62 dispenser can be mounted on a wall, or for more mobility, attached to an IV pole, and comes equipped with two wand application systems.

Faster and more efficient

  • Faster and more efficient pretreatment delivery
  • Total pretreatment coverage, helping to eliminate dried-on bioburden
  • Two wand configurations to help spray into lumens or channels
  • Versatile mounting options• Reduction in waste

Versatile and more efficient 
pretreatment delivery

A. One button, continuous spraying
Push START to activate foam and STOP to deactivate

B. Customizeable foam output
Use the up and down buttons to set the detergent dosing volume necessary to produce the foam quality desired over trays and in instruments with channels

C. Ergonomic delivery of detergent for less hand fatigue
Wand trigger allows for more control when dispensing pretreatment foam

D. Wall mount option
Easily mount on a flat wall surface within six feet of the foam application point and within reach of a power outlet

Jump start
your cleaning with Blu62

  • Surfactants begin cleaning and prevent drying at the point of care
  • Enables visual verification of coverage by foam and color
  • Makes cleaning more efficient
  • Helps fulfill recommended pretreatment practices of AAMI and AORN
  • Meets AAMI TIR 12:2010 and AAMI TIR 30:2011 standard