Trevo XP

ProVue Retriever

Stryker's portfolio of Trevo XP Retrievers feature 360 degrees of large cells, a soft distal tip and full length radiopacity for visual placement, integration and retrieval.

Success accelerated.

  • Easy to see. Full-length visibility provides real-time visual feedback for additional control.

  • Maximal clot integration. 360° of consistently large double-wide cells.

  • 50% lower coverage. 50% lower coverage means less metal touching the artery for excellent intimal integrity.

  • Up to 48% softer. Distal FlexCell design is up to 48% softer than the distal segment of Solitaire FR 4x20mm for easy placement.*

  • High radial force at smallest diameters. High radial force at smallest diameters as Trevo Retrievers integrate clot; low post-integration radial force designed for atraumatic retrieval.

Bench test results. Results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Testing performed by Stryker's Neurovascular Division. Data are on file at Stryker's Neurovascular Division & will be made available upon request.
AP001371 v1.0