Introducing Mako Total Hip 4.0 SmartRoboticsTM

We’re excited to announce the release of Mako Total Hip 4.0 SmartRoboticsTM. With CT-based 3D modeling and new planning features, Mako Total Hip provides unprecedented information.

Surgeons can now visualize the femur-to-pelvis and component relationship to help detect risk of potential impingement and plan a patient’s implant position while taking into account changes in their pelvic tilt in the sitting, standing and supine poses. The new software is also designed to enhance the user experience with approach-specific, region-based pelvic registration.

Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better, and we couldn't be more excited to launch the new Mako Total Hip.

Prof. Fares Haddad | London, U.K.

“The region-based, approach-specific registration is slick and easy to execute – it helps make the procedure even more seamless than before.”

Seth Jerabek, M.D. | New York, NY

“This will change how we think about hip replacement..”

Robert Marchand, M.D. | Wakefield, RI

“Mako Total Hip had 3D templating, which I thought was brilliant. But now, with the new software, I not only have 3D templating, but also dynamic ROM modeling and the ability to incorporate spino-pelvic motion into planning.”  

Joseph Nessler, M.D. | Sartell, MN

“By using the new neck cut view and digital ruler features combined with 3D templating, I can get an accurate assessment of my femoral component size, seating height and version. This has allowed me to do DA hips without fluoroscopy, and the only trial reductions I do are with the trial head after all other components are implanted. This software is helping me achieve efficiency and reproducibility when performing DA hips. And Mako Total Hip streamlines instrument tray requirements, which is a real bonus for my ASC outpatient hips.”

Sean Toomey, M.D. | Seattle, WA

“The Mako 4.0 software upgrade effectively enhanced the surgical planning and precision by allowing me to easily incorporate pelvic tilt parameters into the preplanning and allow for any adjustments based on needs related to spinopelvic dysfunction. Additionally, the new features that allow for patient-specific dynamic virtual range-of-motion assessment to evaluate for kinematic conflict and impingement without having to remove the leg supported by the orthopaedic table facilitates an even easier pathway for DA THA execution.”

Learn more about Mako Total Hip 4.0 at one of our upcoming events below.


Introduction to Mako 4.0 | A surgeon's perspective

Wednesday, September 30 | 8 p.m. EDT

Dr. Nessler will walk through the new planning features and enhanced acetabular registration and provide his perspective on how to get the most out of the new technology.

Mako Champions | Incorporating Mako Total Hip into your practice*

Thursday, October 22 | 8 p.m. EDT

Mako Champions webinars are designed for surgeons who have completed 25+ cases on any application. Contact your Sales Representative for registration instructions.



Overview video

Functional-hip-positioning video

Virtual-range-of-motion feature video

Pelvic tilt planning video

Pelvic realignment tool video

Planning one-pager