Triathlon® AS-1 instruments

Combined with our Triathlon Knee implants, Triathlon AS-1 is designed to streamline TKA before, during and after surgery,1 allowing surgeons the ability to take greater control at their site of care.

Triathlon AS-1 is enabled through CT-based, patient-specific guides that are designed to simplify the total knee arthroplasty (TKA) procedure1 for a comprehensive ambulatory surgery solution.

Drive efficiencies and streamline manual TKA procedures

Improved procedure and turnover time

  • Triathlon AS-1 requires 16 fewer surgical steps than traditional manual TKA, a 33% reduction1 that may save time in the OR.
  • Studies using patient-specific guides have been shown to save up to 13 minutes of operative time and 90 minutes of sterile processing time.2-4

Reduced sterilization and storage burden

  • The total number of reusable instrumentation cases may be reduced by as much as 88% with Triathlon AS-11, which can help reduce cleaning and sterilization needs.
  • In most cases,5 Triathlon AS-1 instruments and implants require 75% less storage space than traditional manual surgery1, a key benefit for sites with limited available space.

Reduced instrumentation weight

  • Triathlon AS-1 reduces TKA instrument weight by up to 85%1 compared to conventional manual trays, which may lead to less physical strain on staff.

Triathlon AS-1 instrumentation back table layout

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