Restoris MCK

Partial Knee Implant System

Featuring bone sparing, curved surfaces.

Mako enabled resurfacing

The Restoris MCK implant is paired with the Mako Partial Knee application, allowing you to create anatomic, sculpted resections1 using a single 6mm burr to complete the entire case.
Restoris MCK implants

  • Restoris MCK is a family of implants designed from over 100 CT scans that reflect gender and size.1

  • The femoral and patellofemoral implants were designed to be compatible for bicompartmental use.1

  • Restoris MCK is indicated for: medial, patellofemoral, lateral unicompartmental or bicompartmental (medial and patellofemoral) applications.   

Targeted solutions for multiple disease states

Unicondylar medial

Unicondylar lateral


Medial bicompartmental

Restoris MCK implants
with X3 polyethylene inserts

Our patented2 process for creating precisely engineered polyethylene results in a polyethylene that is uniquely strong3,4 and intrinsically resistant to wear3 and oxidation.5 X3’s manufacturing process of sequential crosslinking uses three separate gamma irradiation doses with an annealing step after each.