Femoral Hip Stem

Short anatomic “fit and fill” femoral stem that is SOMA-designed for optimized stem length* and low profile lateral shoulder to accommodate your muscle-sparing surgical technique

Evolving the anatomic stem for your surgical approach

Anato is an evolution of past clinically successful anatomic femoral stem iterations, offering the confidence of clinical history based on the heritage of Porous Coated Anatomic (PCA), ABG and Citation. Published studies demonstrate over 11 years of clinical performance and survivorship with predecessor stems.1,2,3

The advantages of Anato include:
Anato features an optimized stem length and low-profile lateral shoulder suitable for a variety of surgical approaches, including muscle-sparing techniques.4 In addition to the standard Anato instrumentation, the system is compatible with Stryker’s Direct Anterior and Direct Superior instrument sets. 
SOMA-designed anteverted and neutral neck options allow intraoperative flexibility to assist with recreating patients’ natural femoral version.5,6*. In general, studies on total hip arthroplasty have shown that recreation of the combined anteversion of the femoral and acetabular components may allow for enhanced range of motion (ROM).7,8,9
Anato is designed to promote physiological load transfer and positive bone remodeling for stability.3,5,9,10,11 The design features proximal plasma spray, normalizations and PureFix HA to facilitate mechanical stability.12,13
Anato is verified by SOMA to help maximize conformity to the natural 3D shape of the femoral canal.10,11
Anato implant sizing is available in a 130 degree left and right anteverted and neutral options sizes.1-7

*based on 506 CT scans