MotionSense™ with OrthoLogIQ®

Know more about your patient’s recovery

MotionSense™ with OrthoLogIQ® transforms the way surgeons and their care teams support their patients through knee surgery. The system utilizes cutting-edge technology to remotely monitor patients pre and post joint surgery, all while acting as their personal recovery companion. The data collected by the MotionSense wearable sensors and application includes everything from range of motion, pain scores, wound images, patient compliance and so much more.

OrthoLogIQ key features: 

Remote Patient Monitoring & Engagement

  • Engage patients outside of your clinic through real-time capture of prescribed exercise completion through the MotionSense wearable and app (knee arthroplasty patients only)
  • Encourage a positive recovery through monitoring home exercise plans, range of motion progress, wound images, and activities of daily living

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

  • Efficiently collect PROM Surveys (KOOS, KOOS-Jr, PROMIS-10, VR-12) and daily pain scores electronically through the MotionSense app 

Dashboard & Analytics

  •  Allow for evaluation, identification, and intervention of high-risk patients through real-time reporting
  • Evaluate individual patient’s recovery progress through patient-specific dashboards throughout the continuum of care and personalize patient care