Minimally Invasive Surgery

Relieving the pain. Resetting the standard.

Delivered by Stryker, the leader in foot and ankle5, PROstep minimally invasive surgery helps you give patients the bunion pain relief they need, while also providing the faster recovery2,3 they desire5. PROSTEP MIS utilizes percutaneous, micro incisions to correct bunions as well as perform DMMO, cheilectomy and other procedures. 

When compared to traditional bunion surgery, PROstep MICA results in:

- Quicker return to function2.3

- Less pain1

- Smaller scars1,2

- Overall increased patient satisfaction1

- Less need for opioids post-op4

Untraditional surgery. Undeniable results1,2.

When it comes to foot and ankle implants, surgeons consistently tell us about the importance of efficacy and reproducibility. PROstep minimally invasive surgery strives to deliver both. Rely on our specialized PROstep MICA SOLO procedure guide every step of the way.

Support for your entire practice

From introduction to your first case and beyond, Stryker provides best-in-class surgical training, equipment and support. Our team can also assist with patient outreach, raising awareness about the relief you can offer. With PROstep minimally invasive surgery, you get more than a new surgical technique.


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PROstep MICA Screw System

PROstep MICA Screw System

Fully threaded titanium alloy screw system offers the simplicity of self-tapping cannulated screws in 3mm and 4mm diameters for MIS bunion fixation.

PROstep MICA SOLO Procedure Guide

PROstep MICA SOLO Procedure Guide

Shift. Stabilize. Target

All-in-one procedure guide for PROstep MICA MIS Bunion procedure.


PROstep MIS Lapidus

PROstep MIS Lapidus

The PROstep MIS Lapidus system is an internal fixation system intended for minimallyinvasive reduction of hallux valgus deformity and subsequent fusion of the firstmetatarsal cuneiform joint.


PROstep MIS Bunionette

Simple. Strong. Reproducible.

PROstep MIS Bunionette is a simple, easy to use, fully sterile minimally invasive system specifically designed to treat bunionette deformity.



PROstep burrs sterile packed for sterility and traceability. Laser marked lines for ease of length identification. Minimally invasive surgery instrumentation specifically designed for minimally invasive foot and ankle procedures.

PROstep Arthrodesis Burrs Graphic V2_1388x817

PROstep MIS Arthrodesis Burrs

Three types of arthrodesis burrs including cartilage, sculpting and cortical burrs in multiple diameter offerings. Use these burrs to preferentially remove cartilage in a multitude of joints in the foot and ankle.

PROstep Joint Fusion Image_1388x817

PROstep MIS Joint Fusion Kit

The system is provided as a single-use sterile packs and is comprised of blades, elevators, wires, drivers, arthrodesis burrs, awls, high-flow irrigation sleeves, drills, depth gauges, compression sleeves, and screws.

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