Ortholoc 2 Jones Fracture System

Screw system

The Ortholoc 2 Jones fracture system is specifically designed for treatment of Jones Fractures. The chamfered and headless implants afford surgeons a system with a reinvented head profile, dual headless compression, and type II anodized titanium alloy material.

Key Benefits

  • Reinvented profile: The first and only1¬†anatomically designed chamfered screw head to reduce lateral cuboid impingement; a site of painful hardware in 9%-30% of patients.2

  • Dual headless compression: Intrument assisted dual compression for increased fracture reduction.

  • Superior strength: Type II Anodized TI Alloy provides increased material fatigue strength3¬†for improved implant longevity when compared to stainless steel and color anodized titanium alloy.

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